Monday, July 20, 2009

She got sooooo lucky

my friend Jeri (who I met at HAuNTcon a few years ago - yes, I am going to go on and on about HAuNTcon.....get used to it.) is probably one of the luckiest haunters - EVER.

Wel...maybe.....she has haunted house in the middle of nowhere in Oregon....seriously - the town of Union is way out there....way, way out there. But she has the best venue. There is a historic hotel in town that just could not seem to get the third floor remodeled. What to do? Well, Jeri had the perfect idea, how about turning it into a haunted house! Welcome my friends to Darklore Manor.

I have seen lots of haunts that go to great lengths to make their rooms look old and decaying. Her haunt came that way. All that peeling wallpaper and holes in the walls....that is the way it is naturally.

We have been out to see her a few times and are always impressed by her work. She mentions that we are a huge influence on her will notice a large skull above the entrance that looks a bit familiar......could it be like the one on the top of our church? I wonder where she got that idea. :)

She reminds me that imitation is the best form of flattery. :) I guess I have to agree.

Here are some pictures of her amazing haunt.


  1. That's pretty awesome. Are they renting the space? Make sure you post pics as they come available.

  2. That's...I want. I want pics to keep. Postcards? Curses. I can't get inspired AGAIN. I've got a Mexican story to write. =P

  3. She is so lucky! I always wanted a house like this one. She got a great idea of keeping it that way, that makes a pretty good haunt!

  4. I want my home to look like that.


  5. the looks of that! So very authentic and creepy looking.

  6. Lucky lady, what a perfectly creepy house.

  7. I MUST come out there! Does she rent rooms by the month? :)


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