Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh shinny

things in the mail. I did get these before Frightfest NW, but I was a bit busy and have not had time to get to the post until now.

The lovely Dianne who made the fantastic Frankenstein necklace I purchased gave me the idea to see if she would do some custom work for some of my graveyard helpers.

I thought it would be fun to but two of the graveyard ghost in necklaces for the ladies.

First my friend that is the female ghost in both the upstairs of the church and the mausoleum got one of the "perfect ghost picture" (that is it's official name) made into a necklace just for her.

Then I had the male ghost, the preacher coming out of the front door of the house, made into a necklace and had three made, one for his wife, daughter, and our friend that is the female ghosts.
I gave the necklaces to our female ghost during Frightfest.....she loved them. She was quite touched. They looked fantastic.

My other friends are in Montana for a summer vacation, but I will make sure they get them when they get back.

Here they are

Here is a close up of the preacher ghost. Lovely work. I could not be happier.
This time Mason, Dorie's brother decided to get into the shot. With three cats, it is a pretty good bet when ever you get out the camera, one of them is going to be in the picture.


  1. Those are awesome! Nice work Dianne

  2. hurray! i'm glad they were a hit!!! this makes me so happy!!!

  3. hahaha seems the cat loves it too! :P

  4. LOL!! The cats love everything...it is basically their house. I just get to make the payments :D

  5. Very cool jewelry. Diane does great work!

    Why "Hello", Mason!

  6. Mason says "meow" back...rather quitely though...big cat, very soft voice. Dorie, little cat, very loud voice :) Funny how that works out.



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