Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Speaking of friends

my friend Jason cracks me up. One of the reason we are friends. His musings on his friends at his blog, Me Smash, will probably will resonate well with the rest of us "odd Halloween people" - okay, yes, I am saying you are odd. But that is why I like all of you. :)

Check out his latest blog post......he, like many of us, is wondering where the zombie are? I mean most of us are more than ready for the zombie attack. Bring then on. :)

Just in case you are not prepared, don't worry Zombie Tools has you covered.


  1. Yesssss, I really LOVE to say I'm ODD-yay yay yay!!! ^_^
    (Cheshire Cat has a deleted song from ALICE-Disney-called "I'm ODD" actually, funny!)

    Oh & Frog Queen-sorry that this is off post but when I was browsing Jasmine's art earlier today (I HEART lots of her Alice & Gothic paintings)...I saw this painting and it said "Show Frog Queen!" So I hope you like it...:}

    (FYI: Her prints are very VERY reasonable if you're curious.)

    Take care~

  2. Mmmmm...brainy brains. I'm practicing...what? Mom always said practice makes perfect! Brainy brain brains...brainer brains.

    Can vegetarians become Zombies?

  3. You know how husband and I feel about that, as vegetarians....animals are off limits....but people are okay. :D

  4. Eve - they are lovely, thanks for sharing....I might end up with one :)


  5. Glad you liked it. Watch out though-her prints are addicting...well all of her merch.

    And now she has a website for tote bags, shirts, etc... (she's killing me!...oh I first got into Jasmine cuz I bought her Gothlings checks...of all things!)

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I take 'odd' as compliment! Along with 'weird', 'strange', and best of all...'peculiar'! ;o)


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