Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Should have thanked

these people first for making Frighfest Northwest such a great event. Oops, really sorry about that. (I want to apologize in advance for any one's name I misspelled, or completeluy f*d up....cause I am sure I have.)

Sue & Vern - if not for them, none of us would be there to enjoy the event. Eight years and counting! Both of them are gracious hosts and very, very generous with their time and resources. Could not ask for more dedicated haunters. Every group should have a team like them. So if we are talking about Sue and Vern, we must include Dwayne, Lisa and Emma. The "supporting cast". It has truly been a family affair.

Now, in no particular order :)

Steve who puts up the ULTIMATE movie theater for your viewing enjoyment. Words cannot describe the awesomeness. And he is the nicest guy....even though he has interesting taste in horror movies. :D

Chis & Lindsay - the Devo DJs extraordinaire. They provide us with the soundtrack for our dance....and some perfectly pretty bright costumes. :)

Stacy & Kenna - two very, very funny and clever ladies. No one quite makes me laugh like they do. Always look forward to seeing them.

Grant - the Haunted Cannook all the way from Edmondton. What a talented sculptor and a generous and fun person. Thanks for "Grant Original" corpse.

Corrine - very funny lady, always a smile and a kind word for everyone.

The Barron and Baroness Reswatt - our friends from Southern Oregon. Always a pleasure to see you again. Thanks for the corpsing class.

There are many others that I am sure I am forgetting, because, as we all know I am far from perfect. :) I appreciate your help just as much.

And to the Davis Graveyard crew who came to help over the weekend. Thanks again.

Lastly, husband. I probably don't thank him enough.

Now, time to get to prop making!!!

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