Monday, July 6, 2009

The truth is

Dorie is probably awaiting my latest purchase form Diane more than I am.....

See....every time she has sent me something.....Dorie finds a bit of something to play with. In this case, it was the "would be" necklace holder from my last order. No sooner had I opened the package, said "Yikes! It's pink!" Dor had reached it grabbed the cord and was off.

Good thing I imagine, pink clothing items kind of have that Dracula and holy water affect on me. Might be because it clashes so much with my red hair.....more likely it was way too much Strawberry Shortcake (nightmare) doll crap. Sorry all you Strawberry Shortcake fans out are obviously not a red head. :)

The "treasure" from the order before that is still tied to a chair in the dinning room....raffia shreds into 100's of tiny hair like pieces, that are a joy to clean up......just so you know.

So, I will update you with my latest purchase information as well as a cat toy update when my latest shipment arrives. Here is pictures of her "saving" me from the pink cord. She is so thoughtful that way.


Thanks Diane, you are the best!!!


  1. BTW - Dorie...and her owner...are sad that this only got one comment....we...she...thought she was cuter than that.


    Duely noted!! Less Dorie posts in the future. She is probably thrilled that I will not be followingher around with a camera anymore :)


  2. You can still post Dorie pics for me!


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