Monday, July 6, 2009

She must have been a model

In her past life or something, cause Dorie LOVES being in pictures.

Since we are talking about Dor - my little gray psycho cat - here she is again, "helping" me take a picture of all the stuff that goes in the messenger bag for the winner on the latest Hauntcast contest.

I am shipping the bag to him with all this cool stuff in it.....will Dorie end up in the box...I will let you know.

That reminds me....I need to do another give away. How would you like a psycho, gray, sharp on five ends kitty ? :)


  1. My dog is the same way, sometimes you will only get a tail or a disembodied ear, but one way or another he gets in every picture lol..

  2. Haha, it would go well with our psycho orange kitty! ;)

    ... the little demon must HATE my furniture, haha

  3. Look at all that Davis Graveyard schwag! Love it! Double bonus if Dorie comes with, in my opinion. :)

  4. Dracenea - you do know I have your mailing address ;)

  5. Carl - LOL! I like the disembodied ear or tail....funny!

  6. Oh that's right! So I'll be expecting a package containing a furry friend soon! hee hee

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh!

    Please say "hi" to Dorie for me!!!


  8. LOL!!! Okay, I am finding a box for Dorie....beware of meowing packages!

    BTW - to the Banshee - Dorie's favorite lap nap guest - she says "hi" to you to and wonders where the f... you are? :D



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