Monday, July 20, 2009

I have an allergy

to pink things. And I have been known throw up from too much cuteness :D

I know big surprise for girl obsessed with Halloween. Black and gray suit me just fine.

Plus, as I have said before, pink on a redhead is horrible to behold.

That said (see, I do have a point), I am not a fan of "Hello Kitty" - sorry if I offend anyone.

Fine for you....just too cute and pink for me.

My good friend the Babbling Banshee made me the coolest Hello Kitty Voodoo dolls last year, I LOVED them so it is no surprise that she was excited to send me this find on the interweb....I guy had this made for his wife for her birthday I thought my husband was perfect, but this guy brings on some serious competition!! :D


  1. Yep, I found that while perusing before. Gotta' love the creepiness.

  2. How amazing! I, too, have an allergy to pink! And yes, it is the red hair (from one red head to another!)! My MIL has tried to give me pink & purple clothes as long as I can remember. Aagghhhhh!!!!
    Love, Love, Love your blog! I can see I will be spending some time here. My Hubby is a Haunter. And he LOVES to do our yard up for the season.
    Happy Haunting!

  3. I'm a redhead & wouldn't be caught DEAD in an ALL PINK shirt! :)

    But YES you offended me...j/k! I HEART Hello Kitty but if it makes any difference, I prefer 3 kinds of KITTY over any other kind of HK...

    1-Kitty as Alice (Wonderland)
    2-Kitty as Goth/Gothic
    3-Kitty as Gothic Lolita
    4-remembered a fourth: Kitty as PUNK (or Rock)

    OK, this is just MY opinion--->I actually believe many gothic/darker ones do like (even if secretly) CUTE things. ;) I wonder about you Frog Queen...hmmm....But yeah, I don't dig PINK at all...and Baby Pink makes me cringe!

    Take care~

  4. Love it! I saw that on the Hello Kitty blog. :) I sent a pic to my friend, who now wants one for her future baby shower. :D

  5. My hair is red too! Must be something about red heads liking Hallowe'en. Although mine is naturally a brownish with red highlights that has gotten darker as I've aged, so I get my red highlights brightened up...but I'm red none-the-less. And pale like a ghost...ha! Love the green HK...great improvement.

  6. A real winner there, now its time for the action figures and shameless marketing =D

  7. I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty, but I'll make an exception for this cake. Fabulous!! The way Hello Kitty should always be represented ;)


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