Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another valuable

bit of information from the last HAuNTcon. Bert (from Bad Boys Scenic Design) told me about a water based spray paint!

WHAT!?!?! Seriously! Spray paint I can use on foam?!?!?
I want that. Actually, it is more of a need thing :)

If you don't know about this my friends, let me introduce you to Krylon H2O. It is too expensive for painting a large section, but I am going to use it for touch up on foam props when they are out in the yard! I am sure I will still have to sponge some pieces, but this will help for larger areas like the church facade and some of the monuments.
Home Depot does not carry it...so I am just going to order it from Amazon. :)

Happy Frog Queen.


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