Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ready or not

I am off to Frightfest NW. I have a pile of stuff in the garage ready to go into the trailer. I am about as prepared as I can be....which likely means I forgot something. :)

We are bringing about 8 tombstones and all of our skull banners along with a few other decorations for our camp site. We have a little decorating contest every year.

This year we are offering two take-n-make classes. The first being the Trash Can Trauma prop lead by Braindead (aka Vern) - He is our pneumatics wizard - this guy know it all. He is a bit scary in that does anyone remember all that stuff!!!

Jeff and I are going to teach you how to make a faux wrought iron cage. The perfect home for your corpse Bucky. We are using a new technique that we learned at HAuNTcon from the Bad Boys Scenic Design class. After we put the aluminum cage together we cover the whole thing in Great Stuff.

What you do is first - PUT GLOVES ON - Great Stuff is a bitch to get off your skin, then you squirt some in one hand and take it and rub in on the metal with the other. When you do this you stop the expanding process and create a thin coat of what looks like bright yellow alien goo. (BTW-this is the first pratical use for Great Stuff I have found....I think I am the only haunter that hates the stuff :)

You use this to also cover up all the sharp bits from the screws and eye bolts. When you are done, you paint it black and age it. Looks just like a rusting iron cage, but much lighter because it is made from aluminum.

We are going to do our 3-Axis talking Bucky skull seminar and The Baron is going to teach you have to make a fresh corpse with a kit from Gore Galore.

Other fun and sundry projects will be happening all weekend....I believe Stacy is going to teach us to make hands....she affectionately calls her seminars - crapinars! :D

Just for my movie review friends, I am also linking to the "theater" schedule. We have one member that sets up a full outdoor theater every year and treats us to some of the worst horror films ever made.

I can hardly wait!


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