Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am going to tread

on some of my fellow bloggers ground for a bit. I promise to give it are all much better at this than me. :)

I don't do movie reviews, because....well, I am just not that dedicated of a watcher. I usually like it or not....or like it less later when I am thinking about it. And I am not afraid to give up on a movie. If I have made it 30 minutes into it and had enough, it is out of the DVD player. :D

That said, I was held hostage - mostly because there was a bar about 10 feet away - at the Frighfest NW Film Festival - but on by our own over achiever Steve.

Wednesday Night:

Lots of dead chicks get hacked into pieces. Which was not all bad. I wanted to kill most them myself. The silly girl who hurt her foot on the stairs should have died sooner. She just annoyed the crap out of me....and it would have been a shorter movie. I did learn one lesson, if you are on holiday in a villa in Italy, definitely hire someone to bring you milk and bread every morning.....might just save your life.

human jigsaw puzzle.....yikes! Lots of blood and body parts, stupid college students and professors....oh and really bad lighting. All the makings of a classic!

Thursday Night: (my favorite)

Inside (unrated)
Wow, LOTS of blood. Not saying that is bad. Just saying there was lots. Gross visuals...bleh, not going to mention. Let's just say that one woman wants another woman's baby - and she has not given birth yet....which if you have a sharp pair of scissors, and a strong stomach, does not appear to be a problem. Learned another lesson - fire and bug spray(?) - nasty burn, but usually does not dispel the bad guy, or girl in this case.

Machine Girl
Woooohoooo! Loved this one. Yikes there are some MEAN people in this one. Absolutely outrageous over the top ...everything. I loved the homage to Evil Dead. You can have human head boiled in coconut milk, or tempura arm, or your own fingers? What sounds best for dinner? Kitchen's open!

Friday night:

Special Dead
Steve told me jokingly, that people said he was going to hell just for ordering this one :D Yes, this has got to be the most offensive movie ever made. If there is one worse, I don't want to see it this one was plenty. I found myself laughing when I really should not have been. Learned that you have nothing to fear from a zombie that has no teeth. Very helpful.

What can I say about this movie that has not already been said. Troma, Troma, Troma........offensive barely covers it. But you know, I am always a sucker for a musical....

Saturday Night:

They skipped From Dusk Till Dawn and watched a few episodes of True Blood - Saw I bit of it.....but I resisted. Did not need another show to spend time on. I will wait for the DVD set when the series is over. Looked good.

Yeah, it is as campy as it was when I saw it in the theater....yes, boys and girls, that is how old I am. Giggles here and there....I think I would have been safer watching this movie than drinking around the fire..... :D Very important lesson learned!!

Thanks Steve that was one of my favorite parts of Frightfest. You are the best!!

I now hand you back to the very qualified bloggers, that do a much better job at movie reviews. Thanks guys for letting me play in your sandbox for a bit :)


  1. "ridiculously large frog collection and halloween obsession".. AHAHA! that's great...

  2. YES finally some reviews squeezed out of the Frog! Love it, an excellent line up as well, still waiting on the wife to get me Pieces lol..

  3. Inside is way messed up! Once that moving gets rolling its a bloody mess. I think it is loosely based on a real story which makes it all the more terrible. Great reviews

  4. I'm not a big gore fan so for most of the movies, I would have been face down in my drink. :)

    True Blood is a good show but it IS a little out there given the fact that it's on HBO.

  5. Thanks for the kind words Chris. Last year's movies were a bit better (you should've been there) and I must try and avoid using all the good ones up prematurely.

    Past events showed Pan's Labyrinth, Dead-Alive, Fido, Planet Terror, Slither, Bordello Of Blood and Rubber Johnny.

    Next year will likely include a Bruce Campbell, Johnny Depp and Rob Zombie tribute. I have a great Swedish vampire film I'd like to share. Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell should be out.. Next year won't suck, but no promises on 2011+. Good think the world is ending soon.



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