Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks to all my

vendor/haunt friends that donated things to Frightfest Northwest. Many of these vendors we have purchased from or met at HAuNTcon. (Another great reason to attend!!!)

Gore Galore (Thanks to The Baron at Darkwing Manor for this one.)
donated a corpsing kit

gave us lots of gift certificates
a set of lights

Skeleton Store
Bat skeleton
Giant skull (Frankenskull)
2 regular Bucky skulls
bag of bones
and a bone pen for all the gift bags

WickLED kit (new item, very cool - not even out yet!)
EZ-8 (no programing required prop controller)
Prop-SX Starter kit
and a bunch of cool swag stuff

Haunted Attraction Magazine
One year subscription

2 sets of Home Haunter DVDs

Glowing Greens (Local haunt owns a blacklight golf course. Thanks Raymond for coming down Satruday to delivery them.)
several free games

Mr. Skeleton (arrived a little late - we will find a way to get them out to the group)
Several bags of tiny skulls
several bone hands

Thanks to Hauntcast for mentioning the event on their last podcast. We put there banner up next to the bar and I played their podcasts throughout the event.

Thanks to my vendors that gave me free or deeply discounted signs, printing and banners.

Thanks to Guy at House Bloodthorn for all his generous time in creating the logo and the t-shirt back. And for camping with us on Saturday night.

And lastly to all my fellow Frighfest members for donating so much stuff to the door prize pile. Everyone got at least one item!! Looking forward to 2010.


  1. Gotta' love having good friends to "prop" you up. ha ha Get it? Yeah, I know it's a stretch. :)

  2. LOL! Oh, you should not make a girl with stitches in her lip laugh like that! ouch :)


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