Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I rarely give into

peer pressure. And being in advertising.....I see the dark side of it all the time...I try to avoid it. But this sounded fun and I like doing nice things for people when I get the chance. (Lately, my karma needs all the help it can get!) :D

Halloween Fanatic has set up a new Esty shop so I am featuring the shop on the side bar to help support my blogger buddies. That, and I think there is a prize involved :)

This said I know that many of you have Esty stores, so I will rotate out the link (at least) every two weeks. At least that is the plan.....if I forget, I won't be offended if you remind me I have not featured your store yet :)


  1. That is a really nice & cool idea!

  2. I love hearing about new Etsy shops. Especially ones that have things on the darker side.

  3. Many Thanks, sorry about the peer pressure, but I guess it is better than bullying. Look for your Sneak Peek tonight at 8:00. Thanks again, Robert

  4. he's super talented! i'll be checking in to see what he's up to!

  5. Since Im apparently the only person with no idea what an Etsy shop is, I must now click with extreme predjudice lol..

    Got the DVDs Queen of all Frogs, made the walk to the mail box TOTALLY worth it today!! Well, that and someone said there was a 4' rattlesnake somewhere in the parking lot, but I couldnt find it.. Maybe I will get lucky and or unlucky tomorrow and find it slash accidentally step on it. Long story short: cant wait to sit down and watch me some movies!

  6. You are welcome Carl - anything to support your cause!!!

    Keep up the great reviews.



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