Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you are in

the Portland Oregon area this weekend, stop by, we are having one of our famous "Tombstone Making Classes" - yes, for a small fee, you too can learn how to make tombstones like the Davis Graveyard. :)

It is actually a whole lot of fun teaching the process. Even if you are not at all crafty, you can make a tombstone. It is really easy.

We provide the foam with the PVC for the rebar already installed, but we give you a how to on how to do it yourself, and we do a quick demonstration so you can see how to do.

You send me your epitaph, and I go into Illustrator, make it look lovely (and for beginners, easy to carve) print it out and then show you the best way to carve them. You get to use our handy industrial hot knives to shape it and put in cracks and missing chunks.

We paint them black (I coat everything in black first) and then several coats of gray paints and then show you how to age them for the worn look.

Here is a few pictures of from last year's class.

(We were a little crazy and did two classes in the same day....not making that mistake again.) We are offering another one in late August....but the next class is Monster Mud 101. Build your very own mud man! You have to take it home with you....I have 9 of them....that is plenty :)

Here is a link to all the pictures on our Gallery page and a video that we have you YouTube.


  1. This series of photos is fascinating to me. "Tombstone classes" ... why couldn't my higher education studies consisted of things like this?

  2. These are so fab...are ya'll coming to Florida next year with HC?

  3. Sounds like fun, too bad I'm on the East coast :(

  4. that looks like so much fun. i will be in salem in october and will be posting lots of pics including some of the old cemetery in the middle of town. glad you liked my post today. i am crazy but am doing it all again tomorrow. however, i have recruited my husband and son to help so this should be a real hoot!!!

  5. This weeks out but someday I have every intention to take the graveyard tour!

  6. Loved the YouTube video with all the pics. It's too bad I'm so far away. :( I need to move out there someday!

  7. oh man, i wish i was in your area! i'd love that!!!

  8. The pictures are great! I have already learned a lot from just viewing them. Wish I lived closer....


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