Monday, July 27, 2009

Just in case

you don't read the "Davis House News" blog. (It has been pretty quite lately, starting next week, it will get very lively as we get busy finishing up the 2009 props.) You can check out the pictures from our tombstone making class this weekend.

We had seven students who now know how to make their very own tombstones. I encourage all of them to send me pictures of the their yards this season. I will post picture if/when we get them.

Next class is monster mud 101 (class is full) and one more additional tombstone class in about a month (still a few slot available) and then we are working full tilt on Halloween!!!

BTW - I have to finish the book.....almost everyone asked if I had a copy to sell!!! Okay, I am motivated :)


  1. That looks like such fun. Bravo!

  2. can.... not.... wait.... forthebook..... hurryyyyyy! :D

  3. glad it was a success guys! most awesome

  4. Good luck with getting everything done!

    Wish I was there. *sigh*


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