Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am sure you all remember

how much I hate logos.

So this time I thought I was being smart and worked with the very talented and cool Guy from House Bloodthorn (I am likely the reason he has not blogged for a while....sorry everyone) when I needed to create a logo for our local haunt gathering Frightfest NW.

First let me say, he did a great job. Now that we are done....for 2009. I could not be happier with what he created. Well, that is mostly true.....the back logo is WAY too busy for me....but is a perfect example of design by committee. I have to say that Guy did a tremendous job with all the details he had to work with. The shirts and stuff are up in the Zazzle store. I owe him big time!

Although.....not everyone in the group might feel the same way. I hear rumbles of discontent...or is hard to tell the difference, they sound so similar when they are sneaking up on you with a hatchet/big scary knife.

I am just hoping I survive next week and get through the gathering (they are great people, I am sure I will have a good time)....I might need some special medication....or at least a few Lemon Drops....or 10, who is counting.

Anyway. Here is the new logo, followed by the design for the shirt back.


  1. Any design or website decisions via panel is a nightmare (even when the team is filled with lovely people).

    Evey person can't be appeased.

    I agree it's a smidge busy, but House of Bloodthorn DID do a great job, and I imagine his head was spinning as well trying to incorporate everyone's suggestions and still keep the design balanced. He's made you a really attractive logo :)

    If there's ever a next time, elect someone to be Grand Poobah on the committee for this project. Committee submits ideas. Two designs (could just be variations of the same image) are drawn up under Grand Poohbah's guidance with the designer. Poohbah (and perhaps Vice Poobah) work with the designer to make adjustments. Then committee is shown the two FINAL versions which they can vote on AS IS.

    This keeps the committee involved in the decision process, but cuts down on the headaches.

    I like the logo :)

  2. I really like the picture at the top of the back of the shirt! Sometimes things have to look a bit busy to get all the info/art out there.

    Man, it's been years since I've had a Lemon Drop. Mmm.

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  4. The back of the shirt is great! It feels a little busy but I like it!

    I took a look at, looks like I'm gonna need a mouse pad for my office soon. ;-)


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