Monday, November 9, 2009

About a minute

before the alarm goes off I hear a crashing sound downstairs.

The cats have obviously broken something....could be a burglar, but more likely a cat is to blame.

No big deal, they break things...I just wish they would be thoughtful enough to do it AFTER the alarm goes off! :D

Then the vision popped into my head of Dorie scaling the shelves on the buffet to get the Pumpkin Hollow pumpkin and broke something....or maybe that breaking noise was the ShellHawk pumpkin!!!


I got lucky this time. . . just a non-Halloween candle.

Some days, I just have to say that they are lucky the owners are vegetarian :D


  1. I have a Haitian friend that says American cats taste like crap because of all the junk they eat, wild cats taste much better.

  2. Hubby's favorite comment when we hear a crash, "I didn't hear glass breaking". (And that is because I have removed ALL breakables)

    Of course, not a feline is to be found when there is any sort of crash - not even a human made one!

  3. Captain....husband and I are still laughing our a^% off!! Funny!



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