Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of course I liked this

it has cats and Frankenstein!!! Just needed a frog and it would go from 99% to 100% perfect :D

So what if Kitties did make Frankenstein? You will find out in "Hello Frankenstein."

Thanks to Killer Kittens from Beyond the Grave for posting this one. Great site, check it out when you get a chance!


  1. Funny! The best part is when you can see the skull of "Hello Kitty". I don't hate cats but I can't bear "Hello Kitty" ;-)

  2. that was great! I have 4+ cats--I could immediately imagine which of them would play the role of 'Herr Doktor' and which one would love to be 'the monster'. I also have an 'Igor' and the doctor's fiancee!

  3. those LOLCATS are going to be the death of you Froggie! =D

    Glad to see they have managed to invade their way into Horror culture, it was a marriage made in heaven

  4. LOL! I know Carl....that Basement Cat/Zombie one was pretty lame. I am putting my LOL standards back on ultra high so that only the hilarious ones get throuh :D

    But this one made fun of Hello Kitty....which I LOVE to do :)

    Yes, evil, evil frog queen, and I am fine with that :)


  5. Dont steal away the lol cats on my account, I have to put up the facade to maintain my machismo ;)


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