Friday, November 20, 2009

Do you want to move?

Do you want to live in an old farm house across the street from the Davis Graveyard? Yeah, I knew you did! Here is your chance.

The house across the street from me if for sale. It has a huge sloping yard that would make an even more perfect cemetery than my yard!!

And the house is beautiful, they did an amazing job remodeling....if I did not love my house so much...I would move! :)

Turn of the century farmhouse on a dividable acre in the city. This 2,088 sf 3 bedroom, 2.1 bath house was extensively renovated in 2004 but the rustic feel remains. New work includes foundation, plumbing, electrical, gas furnace fireplace, sheetrock, cabinets, roof, kitchen and bath tile floors, garden shed, fence and more.

If you click on the image below it will take you to Google maps - go to street view. This shows you the side of the house. Press the arrow to the right twice and then when you see a street (43rd - where I live) choose the forward (middle) button to go up 43rd, then press the left arrow a few times and you see the house....the right arrow a few times and you can see what my house looks like the other 10 and half months a year :)

Milwaukie, OR 97222

I promise to help anyone that buys it to build a graveyard on the hill! It would be so awesome!


  1. HB - Having you across the street would be amazing...we would be the center of the Halloween universe...well, on the west coast at least!!! :D


  2. What a nice house! Love the yard. But I've heard things about the neighbors. LOLOL :0)

    We plan on moving but not for another year. Too bad it's not now!

  3. geez, I would love this but don't think the horses would--'course, they've gotten used to ghosts and goblins flitting about--anyway, in my dreams....

  4. Maybe a group of us could pitch in and buy it ;) Consider it an art project. And instead of it being a summer home, it's a Halloween home. We all converge on it in Sept/Oct.

    Where IS that winning lotto ticket...

  5. Oh wow, how cool would THAT be? And the house is beautiful indeed.

  6. a dividable acre? from where I come from that sounds very crazy,

  7. Ugh I would if I could.. Im locked into my stupid ass condo..

  8. That would be fun living across from you, wish we could!

  9. I wish! I found multiple different prices listed for it, from "hummm maybe" all they way to "Holy crap!!"

    I'll pitch in on a lotto ticket with you Ghoul Friday, it could be a Halloween art commune.

  10. Oh, I like the commune idea! I'm a beginner so I'll be grunt crew and first aid. How's that?


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