Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So these lovely ladies get out

of their car in full steam punk gear and ask if they can do a photo shoot in the yard.

Ah, sure.....sounds fine....BTW - "nice costumes! " (They now have the full attention of every male on the property) :D

"Oh, these? Yeah, we are going to go run and change into our goth costumes, we will be right back. "

You can hear the minds of all the guys collectively say....."More costumes! Sweet! Feels more like Christmas than Halloween."


Anyway, they show up about 30 minutes later is these equally amazing goth costumes! Wow!

So that the yard will continue to get set up ....Dawn takes them around to the side of the yard where the hearse is, out of sight of the crew.

Yeah, there was a big collective *sigh* from the guys, and several of us girls ;)

They took lots of pictures with the props all over the yard. It was a lot of fun to watch.

We talked for a while and she is going to bring all her gear down for a proper photo shoot next year.

I am definitely mentioning that when I send out the call for help in September....I imagine I will have plenty of help that day! :D

Here are some of the pictures she sent us. Lovely....oh, and the props are cool too :D

Check out her myspace page for more pictures.


  1. TOTALY COOL!!!!! The photo's just go so great with your yard!!!!

  2. Wish I'd have been there for that. Feel free to pick up the phone next time. =D

  3. Wow, they are gorgeous - I might have been afraid to let them in my yard - I dont know if my hubby would have disappeared or not, LOL! Great shots though!

  4. How cool!!

    Love the name of their company, too.

  5. At this point you guys might be able to quit the jobs and rent out the graveyard full time ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving Davises!


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