Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My wife had made a bunch

of these to sell at a holiday bazaar...I saw them and thought of you and grabbed them.

Ah thanks Mark!

It used to be that only happened with frogs....now I get Halloween and frog stuff!! Wooohoooo!!

BTW - wore them all October, and will continue to wear them until someone from HR tells me I have to take them off.

It will happen, trust me. :(


  1. Your HR department is crazy.

    Do they have something in a dress code rule that addresses it specifically? I'm shocked they can get away with this.

  2. Incredible. Sounds like a control freak infestation in your HR department.

  3. Okay, it is not enforced....just recommended that "holiday wear" be worn on or around the coinciding holiday.

    Apparently an attempt to keep people from wearing those dreadful holiday sweaters all year long! :D

    There is even something in there about not wearing evening dresses to work.....seriously? Someone did that?!



  4. You could always just wear the bat or spiderweb ones to work. It's not like a jack o lantern or something that says Happy Halloween.

    So what if you had a nice skull pendant?

    I suppose if you're working face to face with clients or the public, I could understand using your best judgment on such things, but if you're just around the office? People should back off.

  5. Well, I work for a faith-based hospital, which normally is very nice, as they don't tolerate tantrum-throwing physician behavior.

    However, they don't do Halloween, either, so we aren't allowed to wear any Halloween scrubs. Harvest, okay; autumn, okay. Witches, skeletons, spiders, etc? Nope.

    So on the weekends I wear my Halloween socks.



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