Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh, yeah

I was going to give you other ways to enter my drawing....for an extra entry, hum....something easy to start with.......

Okay, name all three of my demon-monster cats (since you might be getting one in the box anyway) for another entry! You can post there names as a comment on this post. :)
Remember, click here and leave a comment to be entered to win!


  1. Where would you like us to leave our comments with the demon kittie's names?

  2. Mason (the good cat), Dorie (the vivacious get-into-trouble cat) and Hal (the HALoween supervisor of the graveyard cat). :)

    I hope I'm putting this in the right place!

  3. The first picture is Mason, the second picture is Dorie and the thrid is Hal (the Halloween cat)

  4. I honestly could only remember Dorie, "what are you doing?" and Mason, I couldn't remember Hal for the life of me. I guess because Hal is more elusive then the other two and doesn't get as many write-ups.

  5. Giggle you are a total crazy lady!!!! but I love your blog! Mason, dorie and hal


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