Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So while Dorie was

locked in the basement :) I took the opportunity to take another cat free picture of one of my latest treasures!
They were wrapped so nicely it was hard to open them :)

These are labels from the also lovely (cause remember only beautiful people read this blog - yes, you know you are) All Together Dead.

She does an AMAZING party, I want to go!

And these great labels for all your witch cabinet Halloween needs.

And, yes, there is more. She has a great blog.

Practically perfect she is! :D

Thanks so much. I can hardly wait to start creating containers for all these!!!

Oh, yeah, Dorie is STILL in the basement, I think I can hear her scratching on the door....gotta go, I am going to pay for that :D


  1. I never get tired of lovely looking labels. It's quite the collection you've got :)

    And that cat sounds like a lot of trouble. Good thing you can be won over by cat love.

  2. GF - LOL! We always have one problem cat in the bunch....she is it. The other two cats are close to perfect. :D


  3. You have a nice collection of labels there. The good thing about witchy containers is that they are easy and fun to make.

    Have a nice evening!


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