Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being sued

does not sound like a lot of fun. So the day of Halloween I had husband and a friend purchase a couple yards of bark dust for the front of the house.

It had been raining all week and the cars had drive drive up on the dirt in front of the house. And had just become a muddy, slippery mess.

I was worried that people were going to slip and fall, and those pointy bits on the top of my fence are made of metal....scary in the not good way :)

(don't even get me started with why we don't have sidewalks....I start foaming at the mouth when it comes to city politics! :D )

The city hates when we use gravel because it ends up in the street. But they seem to be fine with this.

Not something that many people budget for when they are setting up there Halloween display! :) Thanks for the donations people, they helped us pay for making everyone safe and a bit less muddy.


  1. Omigosh, the title of this post SCARED ME TO DEATH.... whew. That was almost painful! Really glad to read the story that came after it, and not what I had imagined! (Great idea - using the bark!)

  2. I got one of those chills down my spine like when you see flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror when I read the kidding.

  3. I saw the title and immediately clicked it in fear that something bad had happened, phew! I'm OK now. Yeah with the amount of foot traffic you have I can imagine it gets pretty mucky out front.

  4. All its going to take now is for someone to sharpen one of those rails and then push someone else through the skull and BAM, the wood chips were for naught >=D muwahahaha

  5. This is certainly not the kind of thing most haunters have to worry about. Not only does it keep you from being sued, it shows your concern for people visiting your haunt. Which is nice :)

  6. YIKES! Good thinking on your part! The no sidewalk thing sucks. I have the same problem in my neighborhood. The fence that we put up this year was to keep the TOT's from rolling into our ditch of death in the front of our house. Some of them last year felt the need to run through it, in between the lit tiki torches... AGH! So, I can totally sympathize with your concern =) The fence was pricy, but well worth no injured TOTers =)


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