Saturday, November 7, 2009

If husband and I were

stuffed scarecrow dolls, this is how we could dress for Halloween. :D

Jeff calls me at work and says, "Your mom dropped off something for us for our anniversary, you have to see it."

"Really, what is it?"

"Not going to tell you you have to see it."

This is a gift from my mother on our anniversary....she said "I knew you would hate the scarecrows (too cute) but I knew if I put these masks on would suit you down to the ground."

Yep, this is perfect.

I especially like that the head on the male scarecrow (husband) head is tilted to the side...cause his neck is a bit broken....and so is his leg.

I got it that way really, I swear I did not push the doll (or husband) down the stairs :D

A bit creepy you know where the frog queen gets some of her dark sense of humor.

Just love my mom!! :)


  1. now, this is sure there was no abuse involved here? ha! thanks for sharing...

  2. If it were my mom, the scarecrows would be angels and the masks would be signs that say "Youre going to hell." Wish my mom would accept the awesomeness that is Horror!

  3. LOL! Sorry Carl....that sucks. My mom loves the display, I am very fortunate that most of my family not only supports our crazy obsession, but helps too! I could not do it without them.



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