Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks again

Wow, really, wow . . . . thanks again to Pumpkinrot for supporting the Davis Graveyard by letting us all know how disappointing 3rd place is :D Sorry Rot, it is sad that anything you make could come in 3rd place :D

And a big thanks to both ShellHawk and House Bloodthorn for posting links on their sites. You both are too kind!

I am very touched by every one's support. And thanks to everyone who has voted for us, we really appreciate it. It looks like we are in closing in on 2nd place.....a few hundred votes and we can make it to first.... :D I would be honored.

Anyway, thanks everyone and who ever wins, congratulations, everyone did a great job on their yard and it shows.


  1. I don't know how I missed all this, but I voted. I also posted a call to all my friends over at the Zombie Pumpkins forums to go vote too.

    Good luck Chris

  2. I voted! And I think you should win! Totally awesome yard!

  3. Captain - You are the man! Thanks so much.



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