Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You told them

that it is not a real church, right?

I say to husband when he tells me that some people want to get married in the Graveyard on Halloween in front of the church.

"Yeah, they know, they have come by for a few years and since they loved Halloween, they thought it would be cool to get married in the yard." husband answers.

"So you are telling me they have a preacher who is okay with this?"

"Yep. They called and asked him." he says.

"Okay.....if that is what they want to to...."

Then, I kid you not, a few days later someone emailed us and wants to get married in the yard next year. So, it appears that we are booked for 2010, if you want to get married on Halloween in the Graveyard, book now for 2011. :D

I can honestly say, when I started working on this whole "yard haunt" thing....I never dreamed that it would also be a wedding venue. :D


  1. OMG!!! I wish I lived near you; I would have asked for this year.

  2. Oh that's funny and fun! They must really have the Halloween spirit! :)

  3. Ok. You know your haunt is a success when people want to get MARRIED in it.

    I can't think of a better compliment for a nicer haunter ;)

  4. There were SO many Halloween weddings this year with Halloween on a Saturday. I was working on tableware for 3. Your yard is such a lovely setting I can see it being popular. We brought all the students by on Tuesday the 27th forgetting things would be turned off. They still loved it and want to see it next year,

  5. OFH - sorry you missed the effects - if you are bringing a group, just let us know, we can always turn a few things on if the weather is good :)


  6. Im surprised there havent been booking issues in previous years, how awesome is that, you could create The Davis Gravechapel online =D


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