Friday, November 6, 2009

It just keeps getting better

have I mentioned how thrilled I am with the new Haunted Attraction Magazine (not that there was anything wrong with the old one, gotta say that in the rare case that Leonard actually reads this post - highly unlikely, but better safe than sorry! :D )

Anyway, the new issue (#52) is out and it is great. It features one of our friends, Tattoo's (AKA Mike) haunt Nightmare in New England. We have not had the pleasure of seeing it yet, but we have seen his work with Terror on the Fox and we are impressed. We owe a lot of what we create to the guidance from him and the guys at Bad Boys Scenic Design.....which all happened through thanks again, Leonard! :)

The home haunt they featured this time was the hugely famous and spectacular DC Cemetery. They have been haunting for almost 20 years and their work is amazing. They have have been featured on HGTV and have won many awards and contests including the Haunters Video Awards (only haunt to win twice - impressive!) and the famous $50,000 FearNet contest. Great article, written by Bruce Stanton who owns RoT, which is a home haunt gone pro, very cool and a nice guy!

This is also the issue that they list the top 25 haunts! Very cool....seen a few, want to see them all.

If you don't have a subscription....go get one. It is a great magazine for any haunter.


  1. *scratches head*

    "Didn't I win a prescription to this periodical from the Frog Queen a while back???"

  2. Hum, yes you did. Let me check with John and get back to you.


  3. I have a feeling this mag would just end up being a total tease, since I cant stray much beyond my 100m radius =D


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