Monday, November 9, 2009

So my neighbors

say that they don't decorate for Halloween.....cause they can't compete with our display.


So I am going to show this picture to my neighbors, even though it is for Christmas decorations...I think it will work fine for Halloween :D

If they will put it up, I will make them the sign.....I think carving "ditto" and an arrow pointing to our yard on a tombstone would be fitting :D


  1. OMG, Please do it!!! Carve a sign in a tombstone! I so would if I were in your shoes.:P

  2. Oh ROFL!!!! Perfect, looks like something I would do!!!! LOL

  3. Too funny! Yes, I'm glad no one else in the neighborhood really goes all out--I'd suffer in the competition and would be the one sporting the "Ditto" sign (for a small commission)!

  4. That would be really must do that and of course photograph it!


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