Thursday, November 12, 2009

I really feel bad

I am actually ashamed of myself. :( Very bad frog queen.

Several times I have started this and felt bad that it was so late that I just wimped out and I didn't do it!

But I cannot let the fabulous PumpkinBrain down any longer!!

Let me tell you the story of one of the most unique and rewarding prop experiences I have ever had.

I am not sure if you remember, but earlier in the year I was pining on about what to do with the old angel prop. She had had three or four different wing incarnations and several other modifications.....and I was just not happy with her.

It was time to start over.

So, I worked on the plans for the new angel - half skeleton half person - and she came out spectacular - thanks to everyone who helped with that one.

But then, what to do with old angel?

I mentioned that since she was holding a sword and her wings were off, she sorta looked like Joan of Arc. But what to do make the transition.

Out of the blue the very nice PumpkinBrian offered his help. Since he knew a bit about the history (living in Quebec) he offered to help.

He supplied me with her coat of arms, the correct pronunciation and spelling of her name and a quote, in both French and English. I wimped out and used the English version....but it is going to be replaced with the French version in a year or two :)

Anyway, he was very helpful and supported and we shared emails together about the project. It was like working on a prop long distance.

I joke that it is the first International prop!

So, I have been holding on to these pictures for a while...but here they are from angel to Joan

Thank you PumpkinBrian, that was tremendously rewarding.

I put a ringlet on her head

Then I took the crest and cut it out of foam and glued it to the front of her dress and covered it with monster mud and paint.

Followed by removing her original accent piece.

Took the shield that was carved out of foam with her crest and attached it the front of her dress.

Then attached the plaque with the saying over where the original accent was placed. Then I mudded some lilies and attached them to the base (not shown here)

Then she was ready for the yard. I placed her predominately in the front corner of the yard where she was closest to the gate and it was the brightest area so you could read the inscription. I put a candle on her base and lilies at her feet. (you can see the mudded lilies - to appear as they are carved from stone - at the base of her feet to the right.)

Here she is at night in all her glory! Thanks PumpkinBrain!

....I was really, really happy with her....until we were putting her away...but that is another story, and yes, it involves a spider, apparently a very big spider :D


  1. No need to be ashamed Frog Queen! Everyone here knows you have a lot to do. I was honored to help the Davis Graveyard. Seriously, how cool is that!

    Sorry to hear about the spider thing... I hope the bad spider have met with her demise.

    Have a nice evening!

  2. She looks fabulous! I await the spider story :D

  3. Happy Friday the 13th Chris!!!


    SpOOky CK (-:


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