Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

You have all been a great bunch of blogging friends. I have really enjoyed your comments and appreciate your visiting my blog. Many of you have blogs that I also enjoy reading - win-win situation all round!

So, for all of you, here is my latest and largest giveaway - I will draw a winner next Thursday.

What do you get?

You get Davis Graveyard Swag - remember - frog queen is in marketing - swag is my life, that and ROI reports....I know, I have a very, very sad life

T-shirt - I have S, M, L, XL - tell me your size

Travel Mug - I take mine to every meeting

2008 DVD - the Christopher Walken reading the raven video....I know WTF? I liked it, that is all that matters :D

2007 DVD - this one has ode to Hal...proof that that cat is a frickin' diva!

2006 DVD - award winning video...runner up 2006 Haunt X (now Haunters Video) Awards

Davis Graveyard Energy Drink - keep you awake during the zombie attack

Custom made Graveyard Soap - cleaning up after the zombie attack

Got Zombies Poster - famous graveyard dancers (don't kill these zombies, I need them next year), circa 2009

Cookies in coffin box - I imagine the box is cooler than the cookies, you will have to let me know.

Candy Corn Dots - maybe you will like them.....if not, you can put them in the trash, that is where they will go if they stay at my house :)

Halloween plain M&Ms - M&M are a food group - and also because you didn't eat enough of these around Halloween :)

Bones suckers - lollipops on plastic arm and leg bones - these are so cool, I think this is the hardest thing to part with on this list

Pumpkin cookies - or what is left of, I have not opened them....yet :)

Warning Attack Ghost metal sign - perfect for the thoughtful haunter. I am giving it away, because the frog queen is evil and prefers not to warn her visitors

50 neon necklaces - tag your friends, that way when the zombie attack happens, you won't accidentally shoot them - see, thoughtful of me to share my secrets! :) - inspired by the fact that since I have some free time....husband and frog queen have stared playing Left 4 Dead :D

Six small black plastic witches kettles - use over small fake flames only....or fill with candy...or blood. Whichever, makes no difference to me, they are yours now.

Two small skulls (from Skeleton Store) Okay, I am going to say, because I am very capable of acting like a 12 year old - everyone needs a little head :D

Rosemary smudge stick - after all those people around my (and likely your) house on me, you need one.

Voodoo Doll that from New Orleans (purchased it there myself) - perfect of that neighbor who didn't appreciate your display....just kidding...display it nicely on a shelf, never use them ;)

Candles from Alchemy Candles...the frog queens favorite candles

Small gray cat named Dorie :D - remember, she like fish flavored cat food and drinking out of the sink....oh, and she is completely, bat poop, crazy, get used to sleeping with one eye open. :D

Just kidding!!

Because, seriously, it you could get one of three cats..... they all like boxes :D I cannot help it if they cannot get out before I tape it shut :D

I am going to give you several ways to enter:

One entry for commenting on this post

Anyone who has followed this blog for six months or more automatically gets another entry

Followed the blog for over a year? You get two extra entries and are certifiably crazy - so you and Dorie will get along just fine :)

I will add extra ways to win all week!


  1. I'd follow your blog even without all those presents. But I do love presents. Although you haven't sold me on those candy corn dots.

  2. oh, oh, oh, (jumping up and down in excitement!) enter me!!!!! size XL (what can I say, big boobs! giggle)

  3. Uh... candy corn dots!!! weird, but maybe good ")

  4. Ok wait. You guys have your own energy drink? Did I know this already?

  5. Wooohoo, what great loot! But Dorie is gonna be maaaaaad! :)

  6. Aww, poor kitties! You do know they're good spider catchers, don't you? =) Might wanna keep them around =)

  7. your blog is a lot of fun to read and I'll follow it regardless of goodies--of course winning those would be a lot of fun, too!

  8. Loot galore! I'm all about that Voodoo doll. I'm being good and not going for the easy "head" jokes, because I'm always down for a little head, oh shoot did I just go there? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving . . .late

  9. Hope you guys had a great turkey day!

    Have a great weekend.

    Chris (-:

  10. What kind of Davis Graveyard fan would I be if I didnt post =D

    Count me in!

  11. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! :)

  12. Wow, that's a lot of cool stuff! How do you get it all?

    - HalloweeNut

  13. I am throwing my name in the hat for the drawing; lady luck smile upon me!

  14. LMAO I totally want Dorrie D! You made me guffaw! Nice to see you splashing giggles and corn candy dots everywhere. Missed ya! Hugzzz

  15. no kittie included, are you sure? lol

    this is an awesome giveaway! whoo hoo!

  16. Dorie, Mason and Hal! :D And the luminary is grand.

  17. I already have a pair of voodoo dolls from N.O., so I'd have to opt for the Skulls or Cauldrons.
    (I'm still having a tough time accessing this site from home, so I haven't been reading as often as I'd like. I fear the draw may have already taken place! Any leftovers you have, I'd be happy to take them off your hands.)


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