Friday, November 6, 2009

So did you ever

look in that package that arrived the day before Halloween? husband asks.

"I got a package?!" :D

"And I believe she sent you and email asking if you got the package. "

Yikes, I better go check the email :) So I did and I opened the card, but that was all I managed to do until a few nights ago.

Now I have my lovely basket out of the box for me (and the cats) to enjoy!

Thanks to Jaz at Octoberfarm - one of my favorite blogs for having this amazing give away! I was very excited to win because one of my dreams one day is to do what she did and take a trip along the upper East Coast and see the seasons change....and shop.

Love her blog for many reasons, first, she loves Halloween too!!! She has the most amazing collection of vintage Halloween pieces, I am so jealous!

And, not to be overlooked is all the cooking and baking she does. Oh my, in my next life I will have time to cook more...until then, I just love visiting her blog to see what she is making next, and she even shares her recipes!

Also, her lovely garden pictures, if I was not singularly obsessed with Halloween, I would spend all my time in my garden. Her garden pictures are a constant inspiration to me.

It is a fun and insightful blog that covers many of my favorite things. Always happy to see her posts!

And who cannot love Teddy...the cutest dog ever! :)

Actually the more I think about it....I think I want to be her in my next life :)

Thanks my dear....I love my goodies....and the cats love the ribbons! :D

That unhappy looking tuxedo cat is Mason...right before he whacked the camera....guess he did not want me taking his picture :D


  1. Isn't Jaz fabulous?! Enjoy your goodies!

  2. hey...glad you enjoyed everything! thank you so much for the compliments! i am just here living my little life and am thrilled that you enjoy some of it!

  3. Ooooo, nice haul! I mean, winnings!

    Speaking of which, I got my pumpkin lotion today--thank you!


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