Thursday, November 12, 2009

Return of the

Spiders, but this is a cool one.

I originally ordered this for a door prize for my Halloween party.

Note, I said, ordered. I apparently forgot the paying step. Very bad frog queen.

I blame it on the madness that is October :)

Anyway, the very patient Melissa worked with me and we got everything sorted. Except that it was too late for to make it for a party gift. :(

Oh no, I am going to have to keep it, isn't that terrible! - Hee, hee! ;D

Anyway, it is a cool thaumatrope with the web on one side and the spider on the other from the very talented Mellisa the Holiday Queen. She has a great blog and Etsy store. Check it out when you get the chance.

That being said, I have updated my Etsy shop recommendation to her site - go get yourself some holiday items. They are beautiful!

BTW - since my Dorie cat really wants to eat the ribbon on this, I am afraid of spiders....and it was originally meant as a door prize, I am going to add it to my upcoming follower appreciation giveaway that I will post this weekend! Watch for details!

AND don't forget to check out the "Help Me" post below!

Yes, I am going to mention that at the end of every blog post! :D You have been warned.


  1. I still don't like spiders though... :P
    not scared of them, but don't fancy them either sorry froggy queen! haha...
    There are so many spiders at Boyfriends house, it's like they have them as pets!


  2. LOL good post... but MORE spiders! now your just doing it to mess with us! GIGGLE Went and did the watching thing for you to win the contest, told my friends and daughters to do it also. hope you win!

  3. the deed is done--watched the video and commented, etc., etc. You deserve much more than this! Your graveyard is a dastardly delight! and hang in there with those spiders!


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