Friday, January 15, 2010

Did you bring your scuba gear?

You are going to need it, because part of the abandoned haunted amusement ride is now under water. I would so love, not to go diving myself...who knows what could be down, I am not worried about sea monsters - that would be cool! It is more about the bacteria and stuff....eww! What I want is for someone to take an underwater night vision camera down there!! If there are props were still there wouldn't it be weired to see a skeleton or a witch all submerged in murky water.......would that not be so awesome!! Okay, I got a little carried away there...but it would be sooooo awesome. :D

Anyway, these great pictures are from Woncheon Lakeland in Suwon (a small town of 1 million people that lies about 30 minutes south of Seoul.)

There are few pictures of the haunted attraction, what Dark Roasted Blend shows here is all there is, but if you go to the link there are a lot of pictures of the park, including a odd shaped frog-thingy :)

The first one of is of door, and the bottom one is of some eyes on the wall and shows that the lower area of the ride is about nature reclaiming :)


  1. VERY creepy!!! Old abandoned stuff has a certain creepy charm to it =)

  2. This is great stuff. Love posts on old spookhouse rides. Thanks, FQ!

  3. I am confused by the Genie on the front of the cars. They are almost too cute to be included with a haunted ride. The underwater area is creepy though!


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