Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks Matt

Husband made a thank you gift for our friend Matt Huntley who is a local airbrush artists (who worked for one of the haunted houses in town) who generously volunteers his talents to bring our zombie dancers to life (with makeup) every year since we started the program.

We have always appreciated that he comes by on the Sunday of our open house (Sunday is his only day off in the busy Halloween season and he still comes by!) and makes up all the dancers. The girls really love the attention and he works great with the them, they get to tell him the story of how they "died" while he puts on their make up :) Everyone has a great time and looks fantastic.

So, we usually use MyPublisher for our annual book, but Shutterfly was having a special so husband gave it a try by making this book for Matt. It came out great, so I have to share :)


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  1. That is SO cool! He does a great job! And what a nice Thank You gift!

    I'm sure that he'll appreciate it!

    I'm also sure that everyone enjoyed watching their Thriller dance, as much as they enjoyed doing it! What fun!!


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