Friday, January 22, 2010

I really hate shopping

in general, but purse shopping is painful. Being vegetarian I also try not to buy I have usually ended up with a microfiber all black bag...and I used it until it fell apart.

But I really wanted was a handbag with skulls on it....but most of them were pink. Honestly, why would run a perfectly good skull idea with pink bows, pink rhinestones or pink glitter....that is just scary in the not good way.

So if they were not pink....they had flowers on them....I like flowers....just not with my skulls. Or those dreadful Ed Hardy bags....they look like biker tattoos....also nothing wrong with that, just too busy and colorful for me.

I wanted just a nice plain black and white bag with skulls on it.

Finally found one on Etsy. Husband got it for me for Christmas - had it made with a custom red lining (red is my favorite!) I just love husband! :)

So I am changing out my Etsy store listing to Mimi's crafts in Florida. All kinds for cool skull bags for those of us that fear pink!

Sorry about that guys...I promise to post something about power tools or prop controllers next :)


  1. Whaaaat is this? PINK skull purses!?!

    haha, even *I* wouldnt waste a good skull on a pink purse. ;)

  2. I'm not a pink skull fan either, but I have to say, I do like the Mexican Dias de Los Muertos skulls with their colours and frou frou.

    This purse is fabulous though! I am a big black and white fan, and the whole effect is gorgeous. I'll bet the red lining just makes it pop!


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