Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I took this as a sign

I found this picture from an abandoned amusement park in Japan (cannot give you details as it was all in Japanese) and took it as a sign that I need to stop this abandoned park thing.

Can't you just hear the frog saying......"will you stop already!!"

Yeah, I hear ya buddy :D

Not only have my numbers dropped and husband says my blog is has completely killed my sense of humor. Odd how something like that happens. I have been trying to work on some lighter blog posts lately and nothing is working for me.....they are more stupid than funny. Not that I was by any means a good writer before, but I made myself laugh....and as Craig Ferguson says, "that is half the battle" :D

So, going back to my normal Halloween posts. Thanks for the few of you that stuck around :D I promise not to do that to you again! :D


  1. That is quite a picture, love the color contrast and you could write a story around that one photo. All due respect to your hubby, but I think you'd have to go a few more miles and then still would not be boring. I am afraid of amusement park haunted houses, something from a past life maybe or unremembered child hood trauma. That being said, I like to LOOK at pictures of them though, it's just safer that way and your pictures are great. Thanks from me to you.

  2. My dear, you are anything but boring!

    Sometimes we need to go off in a different direction that where we originally meant to go... but, then, it takes but a teeny, tiny element to put us back on track (in this case, the froggie in this picture, which seems to be looking right into the eyes of the beholder).

    Keep up the GREAT work you do. We're still here, still reading your Blog and still loving what you do.

    - Ellie

  3. I've been loving your abandonment postings. I read them through Google Reader and I doubt you will see website hits, so maybe everyone else is using an RSS reader as well. Hmpht to the husband.

    Boring you can never be.

  4. Well, I must say, that I would normally unconditionally trust hubby's judgement, since he even visited my girlie blog - so he MUST have incredible taste (haha, I'm so being silly) but he is wrong on this one - we have all been loving the park posts, and the only way YOUR numbers could go down is if your readers are dying.

    I wonder if the dead readers are donating their corpses to yard haunts?!?!

    Anyways, we are always here, even if you posted notes from an insurance convention.

    Love the frog today - that is spooky cool.

  5. The abandoned amusement park photos were cool. Besides, there's nothing wrong with an occassional diversion - we all need that now and then.

  6. The abandoned park post are great! I'm obsessed with abandoned places. I've been all over the web looking at abandoned places from mental institutions to Chernobyl! I never even thought about abandoned amusement parks!

  7. I'll take an abandoned park over an LOLcat any day of the week!

  8. Michael, that is why I like you so much! Is that not the greatest frog photo EVER! :D


  9. Nah, the sign would have been a DEAD frog on the tile.

    It's your blog, sug--you can make it say anything you want it to!


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