Friday, January 29, 2010

The scariest card

in the game.

I was playing Apples to Apples with some friends and I got the dreaded card........the one that scares me more than any card.
34,000 different species....really? I did not need to know that. :D
I mean, no one at all....needs to know that :D


  1. 34,000 different types of spiders?! Wow! That would also include the Goliath Bird Spider which can get as bid as 12 inches across and live up to 25 years.
    But you didn't need to know that, did you?

  2. That card should be titled "Frog Queen's Ultimate Terror of Doomly Doom!!"

  3. Thanks a LOT! Why do you insist on tormenting us like this? I think you and I need to go to some kind of aracno-therapy or something! ;o)

  4. Ooooh - eek! I can't even talk about this...shiver...


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