Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It is being replaced

by a "trailer" ride from Europe. That is the latest word on the final demise of the "Haunted House" in Adventureland in Long Island.

I imagine this is all but gone now.

I know that the prefab rides are cost effective now, but it seems sad to me that the custom designed and hand built rides are going away.

But on the positive thing is that those trailer rides do scare me....in that - "I think I am going to die because the ride looks so cheap kinda way" :D


  1. it's scary how poorly constructed some of the prefab rides are. It does make for a much more exciting ride though.

    Although my friends refuse to get on any of them with me. Apparently I'm cursed, rides tend to break down within 24 hours of me being on them...

  2. I agree, something about the clanging and rattling while you look at the ride to make sure no parts have fallen off - just makes you extra scared.....and remind me to alwasy cut in line ahead of you :D



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