Saturday, January 9, 2010


(and yes, that is a Firefly reference)

Leonard revamped the HAuNTcon website. (Actually, Chad at Sinster Visions is the webmaster....he is very good and a nice guy!) Check it out! HAuNTcon is in Kissimimee, Florida this year.....long plane flight for the frog queen :)

Not a lot of details yet, but the site is looking good and easier to navigate.

Oh, and I found this link.....interesting not a lot up there and a little heavy handed on the marketing side for something so new (yes, I know, I am in marketing :) and even I believe there is such a thing as too much "marketing" I think I just ruined my marketing karma! :D ) But it may develop into something cool. I mean what is not to like about a site called Cult of the Great Pumpkin! :D

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  1. I really want to attend Hauntcon. One day I will. Probably a few years from now.


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