Wednesday, January 27, 2010

She is right

the inside of the abandoned haunted ride in Kalito Park in Taiwan is "pretty lame" - Just neon painted not very scary stuff. :) I guess it is scary in that "not good" way :D

It appears that the park was abandoned in 1999 after an earthquake. Very creepy photos of the rest of the park can be seen here.


  1. you know, this just seems so sad to me...the carousel horses (and elephant) just sitting there...things just rusting away....I don't agree with your hubby that your blog has become boring...I, for one, have quite enjoyed all the pics and info about the abandoned amusement parks...really quite fascinating...

  2. It is sad but interesting to see all of these abandoned amusement parks.
    The tall grass is creepy in itself practically concealing the entrance in that top picture. Ah, nature's creepiness is cool.


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