Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wow, and wow

I was chosen as Yard Haunt blog of the year by Haunt Jaunts!!! Wow, seriously...wow!

I guess someone finds my silly Halloweenish ramblings entertaining! :D They said some really nice things about me.....almost made me blush :)

Thanks so much!

It is a great blog and I had a lot of fun checking out some of the other winners...quite a list they have created over there, definitely worth a visit! Clink on the image for a link to the specific blog post.


  1. congrats and the honor is well deserved! always entertaining and always upbeat, always helpful to newbie haunters and supportive of new blogs (like mine!)-- can't think of a more deserving blogger...(did I already say deserving?)

  2. Congratulations, what a great way to start the year out. Obviously they know talent when they see it.

  3. Huge Congratulations! There are a LOT of blogs out there, and while picking yours as a winner, is a no-brainer, it is still quite an accomplishment over all of the others that exist!

    You are always informative and entertaining, and your blog just plain has a "feel good" attitude going all of the time!

    You are TOTALLY deserving!! What a nice way to start your year!!

  4. Should never come as a surprise Queenie, you set the bar with Frog on the Pumpkin, congrats!!

  5. Congratulations!! Well-deserved indeed :)

  6. Congratulations!! That's no surprise :-)

  7. Wow and congratulations!

    SOMEONE has great taste!

  8. Frog Queen, you are so funny! I am so happy I made your day with, as your readers have pointed out, a VERY well-deserved award. Your humbleness is just another endearing quality you possess and what makes you and your blog so appealing. I sure wish you the best in 2010. Looking forward to making the journey with you via your posts. (Which you might have surmised via the award that I enjoy extremely much! =)

    Haunt Jaunts


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