Saturday, January 16, 2010

One of the things

I love about blogging is supporting the blogs of fellow blog friends. So here are two things I am going to share.

#1 - You know when you are checking your blog updates and you see an update from a blogger that you must click on immediately, cause you know it will be good.

Geoff over at Enter the Man Cave, is one of those blogs - a great blog - he has a wicked sense of humor and I he is always entertaining. Anyway, check out his blog and his current contest.

#2 - Some of you have been following me almost since the, and you are still here....hum, you are my kinda crazy! :D

One of my oldest and favorite blog buddies, Dawn from the popular Nicolas Manor blog, has another blog....for her other personality (that is the only explanation I can think of :D ) It is called Wackey Whimsy, it is the Ying to her (and her hubby's) Halloween blog Yang. Who knew she liked bright colors? :D I still like her anyway :D Glad to see the otherside of her bloggers are all so talented!

Now, back to prop building!


  1. You forgot #3:

    -You secretly share a love for LOLCats

  2. Many, many thanks to My Queen :)
    You are the fairest in the land!
    Your faithful follower,

  3. PS. I just checked out ETMC, and what a killer funny blog - thanks so much for spreading the word so we can add him to our subscriptions!

  4. Thanks for the referrals they sound like interesting blogs and your taste is in-peck-able (that means extremely good).

  5. I totally understand the two blogs thing! I've got my dark side for Halloween and then my bright, happy art side. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!!
    ~ Iva


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