Monday, January 18, 2010

When I first saw

the name "Rocky Point", as a haunter, I immediately thought of the the famous (and also defunct) haunted house in SLC.

I found that there was a much older park in Rhode Island also called Rocky Point Amusement Park (more info here) it was a highly popular landmark on the Narragansett Bay side of Warwick, Rhode Island. It operated from the late 1840s until its close in 1995.

It has a very sad story as that it appears the park only failed because of some bad investments in some other businesses. :( It was so famous and so missed that there was even a movie made about it called "You Must be This Tall" and there was even a comic book created. Very cool and sad. . . . why did I start doing these posts? This research is getting a bit depressing. :D

Upon researching their haunted ride called (actually it had several names) "House of Horror" that was a traditional dark ride with cars that lead you through an extensive haunt. (click here for a lots of history about the ride.)

Anyway, sadly the park closed in 1996 and by 2004 the ride was all but gone.


  1. Sad, indeed. Rocky Point was a park we went to as kids. We had either Lincoln Park or Rocky Point, although Rocky Point involved a longer trip. Both are gone now, sadly. :(

  2. This really is a shame. We all need more places to go to stretch our imagination. It's too bad these places couldn't be rescued and re-opened.

  3. Wow...It seems like the decay of the building was fast...Really creepy looking but sad all the same!

  4. it's so sad when they just let things go like that. does someone have a bit of arachnophobia?

  5. wow...I'd love to go in there and explore, even tho' its mostly gone...the imagination can do wondrous things...


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