Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Since there have been

no good LOLcats lately and husband says that my blog is starting to get boring (and he would be right). I don't think he fancies my abandoned park posts :) I thought I would revive a post that I have been writing and rewriting for a year.

So I am going to start with the 2010 Davis Graveyard calendar, it starts with January, as most calendars do. :)

Here is the image for January.

Ah, I hear that collective mumble....what is the Westerman Abbey?

Not that many people know that this last October the church facade at the Graveyard was finally named and reclassified (went from a church to an abbey) this past October during our Halloween party.

So most of you are wondering "why Westerman Abbey"? That is a long story and one that we have kept to ourselves for quite some time. For over a year I have been talking through this post in my head and I think I am ready . . . .sit down, boys and girls, I am going to tell you a scary story

Kind of a nightmare come true.

During the take down of the display in 2008 we had a major accident. The scaffolding for the church gave way and our good friend and helper fell and broke is foot and ankle, both heals and crunched various other parts. Ouch, actually, uber ouch!

It was a disturbing situation all around, there was another person on the scaffolding who was able to hang on and two others that we very close to being under the scaffolding at the time. Very, very scary.

Our friend ended up in the hospital for a while, then at home in a wheel chair and then on to took several surgeries and many months of recovery.

He is healed now, up and around, he even came back to help with the yard this past year. Truly an amazing friend. I hope that all you have someone in your life like him, it is an amazing gift. Husband and I know we are not worthy.

So what do you do for someone like that? I mean there are only so many times you can say you are sorry and it really does not seem like enough. Not that dedicating the facade is in anyway equal to his ordeal. Just seemed like the least we could do.

So the night of the Halloween party we surprised him by unveiling the plaque and had him christen the abbey with at breakaway champagne bottle with a custom label.

So now you know the tale of how the church facade at the Graveyard became the Westerman Abbey.


  1. Wow! That is a scary story! His injuries sounded painful enough as is, and thank the stars that they weren't worse!

    He does indeed sound like a rare friend, and I'm sure that he is pleased that you honored him in a way that obviously means something to him, if he continues to come back and help out!

    Let's just hope that your other helpers don't get the idea to injure themselves, just to have a building or prop named after them! lol

  2. lovely idea! (not that your friend was hurt, of course) but I'm sure he was well-pleased and honored! I like the abbey idea, too! its a step up from the church and I'm sure he is cognizant of that! (teehee). you guys are good people!

  3. Very awesome, Im sure that made him feel all the more appreciated, though I hate to hear about the accident!

  4. The abandoned park posts have been very compelling!
    The injury sounds horrible (and not in the good way).

  5. I have enjoyed all your posts on abandoned parks!


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