Friday, January 8, 2010

So after going through the

footage for the video, we happily discovered (well, I liked it more than Husband) that our camera guy had filmed the whole scenario that led up to the famous "got zombies" poster shot.

It is probably more entertaining than our video is going to be.....I had a thought to just include that as our video (even though there is not one shot of the yard in it! :D ) and be done with it.

Husband, the great voice of reason that he is (and that is why I love him), said "no". So we are just going to clip it out and put it as an extra on the Davis Graveyard 2009 DVD that we will have for sale on the website in a few months. (and maybe the poster....I can put it up there and see if it sells.) Oh, and if I can remember. I will get it on YouTube....wait, who am I kidding....husband will get it on YouTube and he posts the stuff on the store - I take credit for too much should all know almost nothing would get finished if not for Husband (and a lot of other helpers) :D

And BTW - I owe a very belated thank you to Drake for the inspiration for the poster title....I knew I got the idea from somewhere....I was checking old blog posts and found it!! This is one of the reasons I love blogging, you get so many ideas from others! Makes everything just that much richer.

And, we survived the first draft of the video preview last night.....did not go exactly as planned...but why should that be any different than the rest of the stuff that happens with the Graveyard. :D

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