Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Odd things you learn

after you you say "I do"....I found that both Husband and I are fascinated by old amusement parks. There is a very old park (or what is left of it) called Oaks Park just down the road from our house. I remember a very long time ago that we went down there, before they restored part of it and took some pictures (this is not that post...those pictures are in the basement..I need to find them) then we went to the library and the historic society (yes, we are talking the mid 80s - Internet not what it is today) and researched that park and another one that is now completely gone.

So, I was completely fascinated when I came across several sites that have information on old amusement parks. I immediately went searching for information on defunct dark rides. Here is the first of a series of posts on abandoned amusement parks with dark rides and creepy looking decay.

Here is the "House of Terror" at the Takakanonuma Greenland Park in Hobara Town, Japan. From the blog it appears that it was only open two short times (less than five years since it was build in the early 70s.)

There are many resources for abandoned amusement parks, but one of the best I have found (and where these photos came from) is Dark Roasted Blend. Do yourself a favor and check out the link (these pictures come from his blog) to see some very cool pictures of abandoned parks in Asia.....I don't know about you, but there is definitely some disturbing about an abandoned amusement park.

Reminds me of Spirited Away (one of my favorite movies) It is funny now, when I remember back to that movie I did think it was odd that there was an abandoned amusement part in the middle of nowhere. Guess it is not that odd at all :)


  1. You're lucky to have things in comment....
    Awesome pictures.

  2. Cool...looks like my kind of place.

  3. Most creepy indeed, I would have just as much fun running around a amusement park in ruins (and presumably haunted) as I would riding the coasters!

  4. I agree. There IS something extra chilling about an abandoned amusement park.

    It is like the good majick has been stripped away, and all that is left are the ghosts of laughter.

    The decay and the sounds of wind, and creaking equipment just adds to the allure.

    Sounds like you and hubby were made for each other! :-)

  5. Spirited Away is awesome.
    The operative Amusement parks here are more cheesy than scary. I'll keep my eye out though.


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