Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes it

is very hard to just post the pictures of the abandoned haunted ride when the other pictures of the the park are so magnificent.

This is a perfect example. Here is a photo of what I am guessing was a haunted (or scary or funny) ride from the now defunct park called Dadipark in Belgium.

It has a very unique history and a sad ending. But it has made for some spectacular and quite sad pictures. This guy has taken a rather large amount of photos of the whole park that I think are worth the few minutes of your time. It is creepy to see how nature has reclaimed this area....just creepy.

Out of respect for the photographer, I don't want to post any other pictures on my blog, but I encourage you to take a look at the rest of his great photos here.


  1. Take it from a theme park employee, that place looks like it would have been a lawsuit waiting to happen. Most of those rides looked pretty low end and dangerous, even if they were new. It is sad though, that such a place of happiness has been abandoned and left to die. Great photos.

  2. Did you happen to notice the Chateau de Daviselle? Maybe you can claim you are lost relatves and steal (I mean re-claim) some cools stuff...

  3. I am so digging your series on defunct haunted houses! I love all those old rides and there's nothing spookier than an abandoned amusement park.

  4. wow....year ago i handled a funeral for a friends mother and it was the best funeral ever. we all joked that i should go into the business and my motto was going to be..i put the fun in funerals. i thought that was so original. i guess not!!! haha!!!

  5. Love that shade of blue in the photo on your blog page. Can't tell if it's on wood or metal though. Looks like wood.



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