Friday, January 28, 2011

A friend sent this to me

at least I think she is my friend.....not so sure anymore :D

See, this is exactly why I am afraid of spiders!!!

at least I think she is a friend.....not so sure anymore.

Don't know how this missed me. The rest of you bloggers must be slacking, becasue I believe you have sent me every other Youtube spider post on the planet. :D


  1. LOL!!! that was hilarious...I'm sorry 'cause I know you're afraid of the little buggers but that really was funny!!! (thanks for sharing that--very brave of you indeed)

  2. Your NOT going to sucker me into watching that!!!! spiders... NO! LOL I'm sure it's cute, but I don't need to itch all night long! :)

  3. Ha ha! You never know what they are capable of.

  4. Is that ever funny! I wonder if the big brown one that marches around our place from time to time can do that.

    Ali @Holiday Hollow

  5. Jeez!
    Did that commercial actually air???

  6. Y'know, I was aware that spiders were able to lift several times their body weight, but DAYUM! That must be the Ah-nohld of the arachnid world!


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