Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It is official

yes, it has been proven, we are insane. Yes, I know you already knew that, but now I have proof.

Husband and I have volunteered ourselves and our crew to head up the take and makes at Hauntcon this year. I think we are also teaching a seminar on foam techniques, or something similar. And I am helping with printed materials and a bit of PR.


We are happy to help. We have always enjoyed Hauntcon and were both rather sad that we could not attend last year. Looks like we are making up for it this year :D

So what does that mean for the take and make part of Hauntcon? Well, we are not teaching all of them if that is what you are thinking :D (We were a bit panicked there for a moment too!) We are just coordinating the seminars and teaching a few. We are working to have a schedule of classes on the Hauntcon site by the end of the month. I will also post updates on my blog.

So, as representation of the Davis Graveyard, we are going to teach a tombstone class. But since our tombstone classes usually take 4 hours and we have a little over an hour, we are going to simplify it.

The first choice is to always make them smaller. Not something we are interested in, we want someone to leave the workshop with a finished tombstone. So, the compromises are:

Instead of a 2x4 foot tombstone, it will be 2x3 (still a respectable size....and might fit in a suitcase...a large suitcase.)

Instead of people picking their own epitaphs, I will have one simple epitaph for everyone that is easy to carve. (RIP or something similar)

Instead of providing accents and other decorative alternatives for your tombstone, this one is going to be plain. (glue takes too long to dry)

Your tombstone will come with the back already done to save time. But we will explain the process.

We will show you how to carve the lettering.

We will show you how to shape a tombstone.

We will show you how to paint and age it......all in about an hour, for about $20 bucks :)

We have some other ideas for classes, but that is the only definite one at the moment. And we have one other surprise.....

Is there any things/idea/props that you would like to see us teach at Hauntcon?


  1. I think you guys will be a huge hit at Hauntcon. Only wish I could be there to watch you in action.

  2. Wonderful! I'll have to sign up for the seminar. I and some of my crew will be there.

  3. As long as you aren't a danger to yourself or others, insanity can be a lot of fun. The Haunticon sounds wonderful. I wish I could take some of your classes. You are so talented.

  4. Sounds like you've come up with the best way to teach the seminar within time constraints. It's hard when many of the things we work with just don't dry in time.

    Wish I could come and play.


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