Monday, January 31, 2011

You are all waiting

until the last minute right? That is why there are only a little over 30 Home Haunter DVD submissions in right now....right? :)

BTW - the last minute came and went, so we extended the deadline to February 15 - see you have more time now!!!

I know there is You Tube, and that is great and all but I know you want to see your (and all the other cool) haunts on your big shinny TVs at home. The resolution is way better than You Tube that is for sure :D

Husband and I have been handling the awards for the last few years (we did have a partial - sorta/kinda sponsor last year) and we are fine with that. We think they are fun and worth the little bit of cost and time on our end.....because all the really hard work was done by Propmaster, he had to make the DVDs - the least we could do was keep the awards going.

Then this year, Prop said he was done making the DVDs - so rather than just killing the project, we decided to pick it up ourselves this year and see if we can keep it going. We are going to try.

But we cannot do this on our own, we need haunters to send us video or pictures. If you just have pictures and cannot make a slide show, send them to us and we will make it for you. Your video longer than 4-5 minutes? Ah, we can work around that, send it anyway the time frame is more of a "guideline" :) We will accommodate your submission the best we can.

So if you have a haunt or know someone that does and has not sent us your/their stuff - please, please send it. We need at least 50 videos to make this project happen, less than that and I am not sure it is cost effective to do the DVDs or the awards. :(

Oh, and after you send us your video be sure to submit it to Hauntforum also, they have a video set as well and I am sure that like us, they would appreciate the support.

That said (hope this makes you procrastinators feel better!).....husband and I are total I am asking you for your videos and we have not even done ours as I say boys and girls, not as I do. :D 

I know what we are going to be doing in our spare time the next week or so :D

That and yes I know I need to make an actual logo, web button and new website.....I know, I will get to that in my spare time :D

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  1. I posted on all the forums I belong to and the CalHaunts and GOE Yahoo groups lists, so hpefully you'll get some more support.


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